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While Juno-winning singer-songwriter Sean Jones acknowledges that in 2018 “pop still rules the airwaves”, the phenomenal ongoing success of his Soul In The City summer residency at Toronto’s historic Casa Loma has led him to wholeheartedly embrace the classic soul sound.

“I decided to write some retro soul music and not worry about making it more modern to try and please a younger audience. I have a new sense of confidence that is helping me to feel secure in the decisions that I’m making artistically.”

2018 will see Sean releasing two LPs, working on a project with corporate partner West Jet, and undertaking his eagerly anticipated Casa Loma Soul In the City residency for a fourth year.

“I think when the last album came out I felt like I wanted to prove that I could perform and carry a show that people would pay money to see, and I’ve created one of the hottest tickets in the summer with Soul In The City.”

Sean’s new LP Take Me will be released on June 22nd.


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